Lode Desmet


(release 8 May 2019)



Documentary offering a behind the scenes view on the Brexit negotiations.  We follow Guy Verhofstadt, lead negotiator of the European Parliament,

for a period of almost two years. A film about the state of our democracy, about how politics are done in times of social media and populism. And will the

European project find a new momentum in the midst of all this?



Writer: Lode Desmet

Director: Lode Desmet

Producers: Hans Everaert (BE) & Fiona Stourton (UK)

Coproducers: Films of Record (UK) 

Associated broadcasters: VTM, RTBF, BBC, ZDF / Arte

With the support of: VAF, Belgian tax shelter



Length: ca 120'

Language: Dutch, English, French, German

Shooting Location: Brussel, London, Strasbourg

Shooting period: 2017 - 2019

Release: 8 May 2019



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