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Crowdfunding new film Els Dietvorst

'Solid Crystal Fortune Cookies' is the third part of a trilogy. It is a contemporary parable based on the collective memory of a lost society. What if the fisherman and the farmer have disappeared from our society? This experimental film mixes documentary with fiction to explore themes such as the relation between man and nature, the human condition, social conflict and the importance of rituals.

In a world dominated by capitalism and inequality, Els Dietvorst searches for alternatives, for hope. Rituals are an important part of the collective memory. Dietvorst researches their importance in the Celtic and ancient Irish tradition and explores their relevance to our contemporary society. Today, more than ever, we're in need of rituals. Something to hold on to. 'Solid Crystal Fortune Cookies' offers rituals that reconnect us, with each other and with nature.

The experimental film will be shot in Ireland, in the beautiful settings of Duncormick, the nature preserve of The Burrow, the ports of Kilmore Quay and Slade and the lighthouse of Duncannon. The actors aren't trained professionals but locals, the filmmaker's neighbours, friends and acquaintances with whom she has built a relationship of trust over the years.

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