Tamar 1e visual


Dorothee van den Berghe

feature film script


Tamar, a contemporary 9-year-old girl, gets a huge shock when she hears that her father is suffering from a serious cancer. She is determined to find a way - together with her best friend - to make her father immortal (based on the graphic novel 'When David Lost His Voice' by Judith Vanistendael).


  • Writer: Dorothee van den Berghe
  • Director: Dorothee van den Berghe
  • DoP: tbc
  • Monteur: tbc
  • Producers: Bo De Group & Hans Everaert / Menuetto
  • Cast: tbc


  • Length: ca 85'
  • Language: Dutch
  • Shooting locations: Belgium
  • Shooting period: 2022
  • Release: 2023