Hendrik Willemyns


  (film concert tour Fall 2019)



Tokyo. A young woman feels stuck in her daily routine and starts to believe that music is going to set her free. She enters into the dark belly of the music

business, a dying  animal that feeds on hope and turns dreamers into prostitutes. But when dreams die, they can be dangerous - and this bird will tear

everything to pieces as she comes crashing down.



Writer: Hendrik Willemyns

Director: Hendrik Willemyns

Producer: Hans Everaert

Cast:  Natsuko Kobayashi,  Maro Akaji,  Kazuhiko Kanayama

With the support of: VAF, Belgian tax shelter



Length: 90'

Language: Japanese (English subtitles)

Shooting locations: Tokyo 

Shooting period: finished

Release: May 2019

Festivals: special screening Utrecht Film Fest


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