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Manu Riche

documentary postproduction


CHARBON depicts how Europe was built on fossil fuels over the past 100 years. And how it was torn apart by wars that were the result of these same fossil fuels. During 3 trips to Ukraine, Italy and Iraq, filmmaker Manu Riche explains how he and his French-German family are inseparably connected to the fate of the Iraqi filmmaker and refugee Hayder Helo.


  • Writer: Manu Riche / Emanuele Trevi
  • Director: Manu Riche / Hayder Helo / Edoardo Ripani
  • DoP: Renaat Lambeets
  • Editor: Michèle Hubinon
  • Producer: Hans Everaert / Menuetto
  • Coproducers: Thank You & Good Night Productions (BE), Fidelio (IT)


  • Length: ca 100'
  • Language: Italian, English, Arabic, Dutch
  • Shooting Locations: Belgium, Ukraine, Italy, Iraq
  • Shooting period: 2022 - 2024
  • Release: 2024