De Terugreis

Jelle de Jonge

feature film postproduction


An old, grumpy man drives his demented wife to Spain, to pay a last visit to a dying friend. In an old car, with old road maps, the bickering couple rumbles through a totally changed Europe. Slowly he thaws out, and learns what it means to love again.


  • Writers: Marijn de Wit
  • Directors: Jelle de Jonge
  • DoP: Joris Kerbosch
  • Editor: Jurriaan van Nimwegen
  • Producer: Hazazah (NL)
  • Coproducer: Menuetto (BE)
  • Cast: Leny Breederveld, Martin van Waardenberg


  • Length: ca 90'
  • Language: Dutch
  • Shooting locations: The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain
  • Shooting period: spring 2022
  • Release: planned 2023