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Here I Go

Jaan Stevens

documentary finished


Ruben (17) voluntarily leaves for Albezon, a remote farm in the French Cevennes. There he will live and work with a Belgian host family for two months. Ruben is allowed to be his seemingly closed self at Albezon, which seems to allow him to find openings along the cracks of his troubled past.


  • Writer: Jaan Stevens
  • Director: Jaan Stevens
  • DoP: Angela Otten
  • Editor: Arnaud Callens
  • Music: Hendrik Lasure
  • Producers: Bo De Group & Hans Everaert / Menuetto


  • Length: ca 50'
  • Language: Dutch
  • Shooting locations: France
  • Shooting period: 2022
  • Release: 2023
221129 Here I Go still 1 101 1