Paradis 29 A 0209 mid res

The Lost Boys / Le Paradis

Zeno Graton

feature film released


Placed in a juvenile reform center, a place governed by the prohibition of physical contact, Joe and William fall in love. To love each other, they will have to break the law.


  • Writers: Zeno Graton
  • Director: Zeno Graton
  • DoP: Olivier Boonjing
  • Editor: Nobuo Coste, Arnaud Batog
  • Producer: Tarantula, Silex Films
  • Coproducers: Menuetto
  • Cast: Khalil Ben Gharbia, Julie De Saint Jean, Eye Haidara


  • Length: 88'
  • Language: French
  • Shooting Locations: Belgium
  • Shooting period: Oct-Nov 2021
  • Release: May 2023

Paradis 29 A 0209 mid res