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Paris, Paris

Isabelle Tollenaere

documentary development


PARIS, PARIS is a hybrid documentary - fiction film, set in Paris, and also in a replica of Paris in China (Tianducheng). The film is centred around Yi-En, a young man who tries to build a new life in the French capital together with a couple of other refugees. PARIS, PARIS is a film about trying to find one’s place in an ever-changing world, and how this influences our fragile body and memory.


  • Writer: Isabelle Tollenaere
  • Director: Isabelle Tollenaere
  • DoP: tbc
  • Monteur: tbc
  • Producers: Bo De Group & Hans Everaert / Menuetto
  • Cast: tbc


  • Length: ca 80'
  • Language: French, English, Mandarin
  • Shooting locations: Paris (France), Tianducheng (China)
  • Shooting period: 2022
  • Release: 2023