TAOL DD02 22

The Art of Lying

Mathijs F Scheepers

short film released


A couple in financial trouble decides to steal their own car, but they have to confront a very dedicated insurance inspector.


  • Writer: Mathijs F Scheepers
  • Director: Mathijs F Scheepers
  • DoP: Juliette Van Dormael
  • Editor: Nico Leunen / Alice Godart
  • Producer: Hans Everaert / Menuetto
  • Cast: Bruno Vanden Broecke, Frank Vercruyssen, Evelien Bosmans


  • Length: 15'
  • Language: Dutch
  • Shooting locations: Schoten, Antwerp
  • Shooting period: August-September 2019
  • Release: Winter 2020
TAOL DD02 22

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