The astronaut 5645

The Astronaut

Lai Kin Chang

short film postproduction


An "astronaut" refers to an emigre from Hong Kong who maintains business ties to his homeland. Ron is an astronaut living in Belgium, his girlfriend Lisa still lives in China. Set against the backdrop of the university riots in Hong Kong, The Astronaut shows a long distance relationship being put to the test.


  • Writer: Lai Kin Chang
  • Director: Lai Kin Chang
  • DoP: Hyun De Grande
  • Editor: David Verdurme
  • Composer: Senjan Jansen
  • Producer: Hans Everaert / Menuetto
  • Cast: Patrick Ng, Isabella Leung, Anemone Valcke


  • Length: 15'
  • Language: Cantonese, Dutch, English
  • Shooting locations: Antwerp
  • Shooting period: December 2020
  • Release: 2021