ELIXER eerste still c Mark de Blok


Dana Nechushtan

series postproduction


Isabelle Rombauts becomes CEO of LXR Pharma and uncovers severe malpractices surrounding their successful medicine. Despite the medicine's harmful side effects, her family denies the problem to avoid scandal. Isabelle's attempts to expose the truth are systematically undermined, forcing her to choose between loyalty to her family and heeding her conscience.


  • Writers: Maaik Krijgsman, Jaap Peter Enderlé, Franky Ribbens & Luca Izeboud
  • Director: Dana Nechushtan
  • DoP: Bert Pot
  • Editor: J.P. Luijsterburg
  • Production company: Topkapi Series (NL)
  • Coproducers: Menuetto (BE), NTR & BNNVARA (NL)
  • Cast: Hanna Verboom, Wim Opbrouck, Katelijne Daemen, Jacob Derwig, Bart Bijnens & Roman Derwig


  • Length: 8x50'
  • Language: Dutch
  • Shooting locations: Belgium & The Netherlands
  • Shooting period: 2023
  • Release: 2024-2025