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The Party is Over

Elena Manrique

feature film postproduction


Illegally arriving in Spain, young Senegalese immigrant Bilal evades the police and finds refuge in an Andalusian manor house. Discovered separately by the capricious lady of the house, Carmina, and the maid, Lupe, Bilal's sanctuary turns into a perilous prison. The unfolding story, "The Party is Over", becomes a gripping tale of secrets, deadly power games and escalating tension, reminiscent of "The Beguiled".


  • Writer: Elena Manrique
  • Director: Elena Manrique
  • DoP: Joaquim Philippe
  • Production companies: Story Capital AIE, La Claqueta PC & Perdición Films (ES)
  • Coproducer: Menuetto (BE)
  • Cast: Beatriz Arjona & Sonia Barba


  • Length: 90'
  • Language: Spanish
  • Shooting locations: Spain
  • Shooting period: 2023
  • Release: 2024