Menuetto is a Belgian independent film & tv production company

feature film preproduction

La Civil

Teodora Mihai

'La Civil' tells the story of the transformation of a Mexican mother from housewife to violent vigilante, after her teenage daughter was kidnapped by a local criminal cartel.

(shooting in Mexico from 9 November - 18 December 2020)

short film preproduction

The Astronaut

Lai Kin Chang

An "astronaut" refers to an emigre from Hong Kong who maintains business ties to his homeland. Rong is an astronaut living in Belgium, his girlfriend Lisa still lives in China. Set against the backdrop of the university riots in Hong Kong, The Astronaut shows a long distance relationship being put to the test.

(shooting in December 2020)

short film preproduction

The Separation

Peter Ghesquière

What if it were the children - not the parents - who decide to separate?

(shooting in December 2020)

feature film released

The Conductor

Maria Peters

Story based on the life of Antonia Brico, the first female conductor of a symphonic orchestra (late 1920's, New York and Berlin).

(Belgian tax shelter coproduction)

documentary released

BREXIT Behind Closed Doors

Lode Desmet

Documentary offering a behind the scenes view of the Brexit negotiations. We follow Guy Verhofstadt, lead negotiator of the European Parliament, for a period of almost two years. A film about the state of our democracy, about how politics are handled in times of social media and populism. How will the European project find a new momentum in the midst of all this?